Our Designers


In the world of bellydance, Amartia is known for her enthusiasm, her sass, her professionalism and lastly her costuming. From the couture to the urban flair, Amartia has earned herself the title “ The Carrie Bradshaw of Bellydance.” Audience members never know what they are going to get from Amartia, and in the best way possible.

Amartia has always been very specific about what she wants out of her costumes and each is specifically designed with a theme in mind. While they have a theme, her costumes are not Halloween party favors. They must maintain a level of quality and couture that anyone that catches her performances has come to expect. For that purpose, she has decided to collaborate on her own line, exclusively with Maz Couture. Maz understands Amartia’s vision and how important it is to her and the world of dance.

Amartia’s line, debuting in 2016, is the culmination of all of her designs with Maz.  Her line not only encompasses her Carrie Bradshaw city sheik self but also her Greek heritage. Far too often, the Hellenic heritage is borrowed, bartered, and stripped down without paying true homage to its roots. Amartia and Maz want to show the world that Greek style is more than just a Greek key design and a drape.

Amartia’s line with Maz is showcasing Greek culture as it is now: a blend of the past, present and the future.

Eshta Amar of the House of Eshta

Dancer, teacher and costume designer. Eshta creates original, handmade, custom bellydance costumes worn by some of the best dancers in the world. Not only does she create custom costumes but bespoke designs, and ready to wear for belly dancers, burlesque, showgirls as well. Eshta’s attention to detail and beading is envied and desired all over the world!

MAZ Couture

Stage Couture for Entertainers all over the world. Maz has been designing fashions her entire life. From the runways of New York to the stages of bellydance shows, her sparkly fashions have rocked them all. Her attention to detail and eye for the unique have allowed her fashions to travel all over the world. She creates bellydance costumes but bridal gowns, burlesque costumes and more. Maz refuses to repeat designs and only works with the most exclusive of dancers. To own one of her designs is like owning a pearl. No two are the same, nor are they made to outshine the other, simply to make those who wear them feel divine.

Bellydance by Jennifer

Jennifer is known for making fabulous all crystal costumes. Sadly, she is no longer taking on as many custom orders so being able to wear one of her designs is a rare treat! Sheh always stays up to date on trends and design new costumes. All of her costumes are crystal masterpieces.

Costumes made with Love- Nadia Kosa

Want the flair of a Russian designer? Well, here it is Nadia Kosa is based out of Canada but her designs have all that Russian flair and more! Her choice of fabrics and cuts cannot be beat! No two costumes are alike and have all the bling you could ask for and more. From floral designs to patterns and even 3D scroll work, her designs do not disappoint!

More coming soon!